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Opening Arguments

Don't ask her THAT

Strange encounter at Butler University:

Evan Strange, a Butler University student who works on the school's newspaper, The Butler Collegian, said he had asked Chelsea Clinton her opinion ''on the criticism of her mother that how she handled the Lewinsky scandal might be a sign of weakness and she might not be a strong enough candidate to be president.''

It wasn't clear what aspect of the former first lady's actions he was referring to. Before she was fully aware of President Bill Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky, Hillary Rodham Clinton said allegations about her husband and the White House intern were manufactured by a ''vast right-wing conspiracy.''

I'm not sure if I buy the "Clinton supporter just trying to get Chelsea to show why Hillary Clinton is so strong" bit. But let's take him at his word.  I realize times have changed, but using your opportunity for a question to make a candidate look one way or the other is not the way they taught it when I worked on a college newspaper. No, I don't feel bad for Chelsea; she's an adult on the campaign trail and should be ready for anything.


Kevin Knuth
Wed, 03/26/2008 - 10:42am

I don't feel sorry for Chelsea either....she handled the question in the best possible manner.

Good for her!