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Opening Arguments

Don't worry, have

Well, if you can't be happy, you might as well have more sex:

A 'female Viagra' that works on the pleasure centre of a woman's brain to restore flagging libido could be on sale within two years.

Women who take flibanserin once a day have sex more often and enjoy it more, large-scale trials have shown.

[. . .]

Like Viagra, which was originally designed to treat heart problems, flibanserin was formulated with another purpose in mind.

It was created as an anti-depressant but those taking part in trials said it did nothing to boost their mood but did wonders for their sex drive.

For men, having sex more often and enjoying it more pretty much is an anti-depressant. But this drug could be very dangerous, now that I think of it. If women don't have to fake it anymore, that could upset the whole balance of power between the sexes.