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Opening Arguments

Drive me crazy

Well, yes, but driving under the influence of pulse-pounding music is one of life's small pleasures:

Want to stay safe on the roads? Then avoid listening to Guns N Roses, Meat Loaf and Bruce Springsteen behind the wheel.

The trio are among the artists featured on a top 10 of tracks that get people's blood pumping and in the mood to drive aggressively.

Some 1,700 voters have so far responded to an online poll run by Electronic Arts and AOL to mark the launch of a new racing videogame, "Burnout Dominator."

The resultant shortlist of tracks that get people revved up -- and that drivers should avoid listening to in the real world -- spans more than 30 years of chart favorites, although none of them actually reached number 1.

Best driving song ever, "Bad to the Bone," although anything with lots of drums and a good bass line will do. If you think driving to rock is dangerous, try classical, all those ups and downs in volumes and changes in tempo.