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Opening Arguments

Driver of the week

Chad Modesitt of Greenwood has a serious texting issue. Indianapolis police officer William Bueckers gave chase when he observed Modesitt's car speeding at double the limit:

As Bueckers approached Modesitt's car with his gun drawn, Modesitt began arguing with the officer, explaining that he was interrupting a cell phone discussion with his girlfriend, according to a police report.


Modesitt then began resisting arrest as "he was yelling at the officers, saying that he was on the phone," the police report said.

Bet that's some relationship.


Bob G.
Wed, 12/15/2010 - 10:43am

What a putz!
Helluva realtionship - in love with his damn phone, obviously.

The FIRST thing that officer should have done was "confiscate" the phone, and drop the battery under his BOOT...several times!

End of "conversation", hmm?
(frigging menaces to drivers everywhere)

You have to call someone THAT bad?
Pull OVER, schmuck!
Let the rest of us through.