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Opening Arguments

Drunk and broke, but smoke-free

Omigod, here's some astonishing news that's just going to blow the lid off this whole casino thing:

Indiana's casino workers and customers breathe air containing 14 times more secondhand smoke than the air outside, a Purdue University study has found.

The study, released by the Indiana Campaign for Smokefree Air and the Indiana Academy of Family Physicians, comes as the legislature reconsiders a smoke-free workplace law. A similar bill did not make it to the floor last year.

Thousands of people smoking in enclosed spaces creates smoky rooms -- who knew? For their next study, how about, "Gambling in casinos likely to result in sudden cash loss" or, "Drinking in casinos could be dangerous if you drive"? Oh, no, wait, I know: "Taking that waitress home is not a guarantee of a lifelong relationship."

There was this fascinating factoid in the story, from a casino representative who spoke of the economic impact if smoking were banned: One Evansville casino found that a slot machine in the non-smoking area averaged about $147 a day, compared with $337 in the smoking area. Could it be that smokers are desperately trying for money to feed their habits? Or maybe they just have an "Oh, what the hell, can't take it with you" attitude.

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tim zank
Fri, 01/16/2009 - 12:28pm

There has positively NEVER been a more ridiculous "nanny state rights grab" than that of the non-smoking gestapo. When you remove all the emotion, hyperbole and bulls#^t science from the argument you are left with one glaring simple truth, you don't ever HAVE to set foot in ANY place EVER where smoking is allowed. In a "free" country, you have the ability to move about and frequent any place you like.

At least, that's the way it was before we collectively decided to let the legislature make all of our decisions for us.

Personal responsibility & common sense, rest in peace.

Fri, 01/16/2009 - 12:51pm

Mayor Henry's almost initial mayoral announcement about the possibility of a casino, is kind of like Clinton's gays in the military don't ask don't tell deal, if the Piere's group is involved...

I walked in to the "All-Star" bar at Piere's 2 nights before the ice storm to see what would happen if I asked to smoke. Before I asked there was already rampant smoking. I've never seen two bartenders move so quick in my life... One got me a small cup with water and the other was fumbling for an ashtray. If I really wanted to douse off the ashes from my imaginary cigarettes (I don't smoke) I could have just dashed them in the owner's ashtray two seats down.

So its obvious that the casino is wanted downtown but people are going to want to smoke. Would the casino just pay the smoking fee too? I would imagine Piere's gets busted every night. Or maybe they don't... ask... ? I'm sure it wouldn't hurt casino profits that much, but a downtown city operation?

I remember hearing the Mayor announce he only wanted serious offers about a casino once. I think the guy that owns acme printing has offered some land... if they read blogs I made half-ass remarks about being glad to be next to a casino because I know I could deal with the crappy end of it... especially if it helped ensure my survival somehow (still a half-ass remark... wouldn't want it to come to that). Any offer for a casino, in city limits, isn't a serious deal.

One local blogger had an idea for the 27/69 part of town. He's against the idea of a casino but of course outside the city limits customers could certainly smoke. Its easy access for Ohio and maybe bring back some of the now-dead traffic that used to come up from Decatur. Of course, the good people of Hessen Cassel might not bless something like that happening though...

Piere's is certainly a successful business. The owner is a genius at moving walls around amongst other things and having and holding a vision of success. They've also said they want to support local business as much as possible in the endeavor. I personally find their operation kind of "soulless" for various reasons and am not a fan of it but that's just the opinion of one person who maybe just can't relate in this case...

Bob G>
Fri, 01/16/2009 - 2:18pm

I like that Tim...the NSG!

(has a wonderfully OMINOUS and SOCIALISTIC ring to it, yes?)