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Opening Arguments

Dumb as dumb can be

As much publicity as Internet sex stings have gotten, anybody still attempting to solicit sex online and thinking it is a real 15-year-old girl instead of an undercover cop deserves to go to prison for criminal dumbness alone. And that's just your run-of-the-mill sex pervert. This guy really should have known better and has to be exceptionally dumb or exceedingly desperate:

A lawyer for the Marion County Public Defender Agency was arrested Sunday after police say he solicited an underage girl for sex over the Internet.

Ryan W. Snyder, 29, 3700 block of Knickerbocker Place, was arrested on preliminary charges of dissemination of matter harmful to a child and child solicitation. Police say he went online to set up a sexual encounter with a detective posing as a 15-year-old girl. Snyder also sent undercover Officer Kurt B. Spivey an explicit photo of male genitalia, police said.

They wouldn't say so out loud in public, but I bet the cops loved nailing a public defender.