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Opening Arguments

Early and often, Part 4

Too much attention is focused on voting becoming harder: Indiana's photo ID requirement, it is said, is meant to discourage Democratic voters. Attempts to block early-voting centers in northwest Indiana are called "disenfranchisement." The truth is, voting is getting easier and easier:


A steady stream of voters made their way to The Meadows shopping center satellite voting site late Thursday morning, and among them was 49-year-old Kathy Waterman.

[. . .]

Many other Vigo County residents are taking advantage of satellite voting sites, and as of Friday, 6,976 registered voters had cast their ballot at one of the four sites.

We can register at a license branch. We can vote weeks early, and in some cities there are even satellite offices. The secretary of state is likely to make his vote-center plan statewide, meaning you can vote in any number of places, not just your precinct. You can vote absentee without giving a reason and without needing a photo ID. Both parties conduct vigorous outreach programs that get into almost every neighborhood, and somebody will give you a ride if that's the last thing standing betweeen you and a vote.

Those who still don't vote are the ones so uninterested and uninvolved that we shouldn't even want them to go to the polls -- there are absolutely no excuses left. So enough already.


tim zank
Mon, 10/27/2008 - 8:06am

Leo, you are obviously a racist.