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Opening Arguments

An easy sleep aid

Yeah, me, too, Mr. President:

President Obama calls the federal budget gap “something that keeps me awake at night.” He has two good reasons for sleeplessness.

One is political. Republicans have spent months hammering Mr. Obama over red ink. Recent polls suggest that their arguments have gained traction.

The other is substantive. Mr. Obama insists he will act to narrow the long-term deficit once the economy recovers. But neither the president nor his budget director can be sure that their principal strategies, which involve curbing rising health care costs, will work.

Trouble is, I can't do anything about that pesky budget gap. You can. Stop spending the freakin' money!


Mon, 06/22/2009 - 10:39pm

Don't spend anymore of the stimulus trillions.

Get out of the Banking Business.

Get out of the Automotive Business.

Dont get further into the Healthcare Business.

Get out of the Mortgage Business.