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Opening Arguments

Economic Development 101

Sounds like officials in Evansville are trying to create a dilemma where none need exist:

Now that a site has been chosen for the new arena, what is going to be done with the current Roberts Stadium facility?

There have been several ideas tossed around.

The Roberts Stadium Advisory Board listed five categories of opportunity for the current stadium.

They include re-using the building for a church or outlet mall, building a water park, constructing new development -- such as housing, retail stores, or businesses --  building a swimming complex, or leave it as is.

From all the suggestions, it can be inferred that the facility still has many good years of use left it in. That should make the answer obvious: Tear that sucker down!


Bob G.
Wed, 07/15/2009 - 10:50am

BY ALL means...if it's NOT broke...let's FIX it...and ASAP!
(job security?)