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Opening Arguments

Eliot's world

Eliot Spitzer was caught using the services of a prostitution ring. Eliot Spitzer, as attorney general of New York, busted a prostitution ring. This has gotten him denounced from all sides for what apparently is the greatest sin today:

There will be those who argue — cynically — that Mr. Spitzer's personal hypocrisy has discredited his calls for good government.

That was from a New York Times editorial. If the Times nails someone for it, and he's not even a Republican, he must indeed be a hypocrite. But that might be the least of what he is.

There are now reports that Spitzer spent up to $80,000 on high-priced call girls over the past decade. That would coincide with his two terms as attorney general. If the reports are true, that would mean he was engaging in an activity at the same time he was using the law for hounding others engaged in the same activity. That is so far above hypocrisy it is not even in the same terrirtory -- it's in a different universe. That is the depravity of someone with no moral compass. That is narcissism bordering on solipsism.