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Opening Arguments

En la puerta de la muerte

Richard Aregood was famous for writing short, pithy editorials when he was with the Philadelphia Daily News. One of his most memorable was (in its entirety): "They say only the good die young. Generalissimo Francisco Franco was 82. Seems about right." I thought about that when I read this:

HAVANA (Reuters) - Two senior Cuban officials said on Wednesday that Cuban leader Fidel Castro, absent from public view for more than a year, is recovering from an intestinal problem that required several operations.

Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto said Castro was not at death's door and dismissed rumors in Miami of his demise as "wishful thinking" by exiled opponents.

I can reliably report that exiled oppoents aren't the only ones engaged in wishful thinking. Die, already!


Bob G.
Fri, 09/14/2007 - 8:31am

You remember Rich Aregood as well?
He was pretty much "required reding" when I lived in Philly.

Now...if you can recall the Evening Bulletin...give yourself a gold star!

And agreed....wish Fidel would just kick off and be done with it...

(not a political opponent, but maybe a tad exiled)