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Opening Arguments

End of a monopoly

A fascinating look at why things are the way they are, politically speaking. Big cities tend to be more liberal than rural areas because they require lots of government services (which explains a lot of Red State-Blue State stuff). Cities are more suited for newspapers, and the big ones tend to echo the local, liberal, culture. And . . .

For a very long time, the existence of this pro-urban perspective in the MSM acted as a considerable advantage to those who favored national government solutions -- liberals. The MSM understood their views and, either consciously or unconsciously, favored them.

That symbiotic relationship has been fragmented by everything from the telephone to the Internet, and some people still don't get it:

Today, you can see this lack of familiarity with the fine points of public debate clearly as Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi continue to act as if they were living inside the old ideological news monopoly. It is why Democrats thought they could specifically contradict themselves on Iraq policy and expect not to be called on it. In the old days, they wouldn't have been.

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