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Opening Arguments

Especially the forgiving part

I like my women like I like my wine:

Bill Oliver, owner and vintner at Bloomington's Oliver Winery, whose Traminette was selected the best of the varietal from Indiana at the competition, described the grape as robust, adaptable and forgiving.

It's kind of cool that Indiana has become one of the few states to have a signature wine. Wish they'd gone with a red, though. Traminette supposedly comes in a dry variety, but Sauvignon Blanc is about the only white that's dry enough for my taste.

Also note that, unlike our newly designated state pie, which was duly approved by the General Assembly, this "official" state wine was merely announced by the State Department of Agriculture, the Indiana Tourism Office and the Indiana Wine Grape Council, and has no "specific legislative status." So, a rogue state wine is what we have here. Somebody should probably call the excise police.

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