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Opening Arguments

Fan attack

Don't you hate a certain kind of snitch? Not the witness who cooperates with police and helps bring a criminal to justice. Not the whistleblower who brings government corruption to light. I mean the petty kind of snitch who does it out of pure meanness. The goody two-shoes who was always running to the principal's office. The office troublemaker who listens in on conversations, then tattles to the boss. The neighbor who tries to win a running dispute by calling code enforcment.

And the kind of fan the NFL apparently wants to turn us into:

The New England game was the first use of Lucas Oil Stadium's new text-messaging system that allows fans to use their cell phones to quickly and anonymously report problems to stadium security. The NFL expects the technology to be in place in all its stadiums by the end of the season.

Larry Hall, the Colts' vice president of ticket operations and guest services, expects the text system to get more use as fan awareness increases. It can be used for housekeeping issues and medical emergencies, as well as reporting unruly behavior.

I'm sure there are a ferw drunk and rowdy fans who occasionally get out of hand, but, as the story noted, Colts fans are among the most polite in the league. The benefit of getting security to those rowdy fans a little quicker seems likely to be outweighed by the number of fussbudgets who will report anything at all they don't like. People who go to football games like to root for the home team, which means they are likely to stand up and yell from time to time. People who want to experience the game without all that messy human interaction should probably just get a TV with a bigger screen.

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