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Opening Arguments

Farming for dollars

If we're going to preach free trade, we ought to practice it, too. We especially need to give up our pretenses about agricultural subsidies:

Phasing out farm subsidies would not just be a demonstration of international good will by the United States. It would save U.S. taxpayers big bucks -- farm subsidies have reached nearly $20 billion a year. The bulk of those subsidies go to large agricultural operations, not small family farms.

Ten percent of the subsidized farmers get 72 percent of the money (check out the Allen County numbers). A sweet deal, as libertarians might say.

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LP Mike Sylvester
Wed, 12/07/2005 - 9:47am

Farm subsidies are a great example of how both The Democratic and Republican Parties have FAILED America.

Almost all of these subsidy's go to large and successful corporations.

These subsidies benefit a few people and drive up the price of food for the rest of us!

We should immediately get rid of ALL farm subsidy's and allow farmers to set their own prices in the free market.

That is what America used to be about.