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Opening Arguments

Flag waving

The good guys win one:

 RICHMOND, Va. —  A 90-year-old Medal of Honor recipient can keep his 21-foot flagpole in his front yard after a homeowner's association dropped its request to remove it, a spokesman for Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner said Tuesday.

The Sussex Square homeowners' association likewise has agreed to drop threats to take legal action against retired  Col. Van T. Barfoot, Warner spokesman Kevin Hall said.

The association had threatened to take Barfoot to court if he failed to remove the pole from his suburban Richmond home by Friday. It had said the pole violated the neighborhood's aesthetic guidelines.

But where would the world be without "aesthetic guidelines" enforced by pinched-faced neighborhood rule mongers? Isn't that what Barfoot fought for, to give people the freedom to be dopes?

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Wed, 12/09/2009 - 11:59am

I'm always surprised by people who think they can just ignore their contracts. Too much time lawyering, I guess.

Bob G.
Wed, 12/09/2009 - 12:06pm

Glad to see JUSTICE and LIBERTY triumph...never gets old.

And yes, people ARE "free" to be morons, idiots, imbeciles, nutjobs, etc...
(makes the Internet SO "user-freindly" these days while blogging, eh?)

But I really think that freedom was never meant to be "interpreted" to extend into the realm of irresponsible behavior...that's why we have LAWS, after all, isnt it?
(maybe that's WHY we also have liberals...LOL)
Somehow, that's like having the tail wag the dog.

aesthetic guidelines...indeed.