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Opening Arguments

Food for oil

Trying to shore up the energy supply by messing with the food chain is just not a very good idea:

The boom in prices for corn, milk, beef and other food products is only getting louder.

While it's old news that corn prices have nearly doubled over the last two years - think ethanol - now experts say corn could move sharply higher still, pushing prices up further for milk, beef, pork and a host of other commodities.

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tim zank
Fri, 06/22/2007 - 10:49am

While many will attribute this to the law of unintended consequences, it really illustrates just how naive, shortsighted, or just plain stupid, (hell pick your favorite decription)our politicians really are.

The average American will really be served well by gas dropping 10 cents a gallon while food triples in cost.

As Mike Sylvester would say "Good Grief"!