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Opening Arguments

Fool's game

The Colts keep saying "no," but Indianapolis keeps asking the question in different ways in hopes of getting a different answer:

Rather than try to reopen its 30-year contract with the Indianapolis Colts, the city might ask the team to donate money to area arts and culture groups now supported by the struggling Capital Improvement Board.

The Colts declined to comment Monday, but the idea surfaced after team owner Jim Irsay during the weekend rebuffed the city's hopes that the team pony up $5 million a year to help bail out the CIB, which runs the city's sports venues and the Indiana Convention Center.

You don't want to pay $5 million for X? Well, here's an idea. How about if you pay $5 million for Y? Brilliant! What part of "You've been a fool for the Colts" don't city officials get?

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