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Opening Arguments

Four of

I think I might have called it quits after the first time:

A pilot escaped a plane crash Tuesday morning in Seymour, Indiana.

The crash happened just before 9 a.m. at Freeman Field. Police say the SE 5A single engine, World War I era bi-plane lost power approximately 50 to 60 feet off the ground and crash in a field just north of the runway.

The pilot, Phillip Krueger of Freetown, Ind., suffered only minor scrapes and bruises as a result of the crash.

Police say this is the second time this plane has been involved in a crash. A similar incident happened in June of 2008 when Krueger took off from Freeman Field and shortly after takeoff, the plane lost power and crashed near the runway. 

But that guy has nothing on this teenager:

An Iowa teenager has been dubbed “The Deer Magnet.” Kacee Larson, 17, from Conrad, Iowa has had a string of bad luck you wouldn't believe. In the past year she's hit 5 deer and she's beginning to lose faith in her ability to drive and not have an encounter with one of the animals. Her family is probably starting to lose heart as well, plus, they're running out of vehicles.

Last July, Kacee Larson started on the path towards becoming public enemy number one to Iowa's deer population. On her way home from work one night, she hit her first deer busting the grill of her minivan in two. The Deer Magnet was just getting started.

They ought to bring that girl here to help thin out the herds at the state parks. She's a lot more accurate than some of those hunters.