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Opening Arguments

Fourth time's a charm?

You can either credit state Sen. Mike Delph with being persistent and having the courage of his convictions, or condemn him as a stubborn jackass who won't give up on a lost cause. Spurred by Arizona's recent enactment of a tough state immigration law, he's considering his fourth try at legislation here:

"Until we have an administration and a Congress willing to take control of this situation, it will be up to the states to exercise the rights granted to them in federal law, as Arizona has done," Delph wrote in a recent opinion piece sent to state news outlets.

That pretty well states the case. It's clear that this administration (like others before it) is not serious about protecting the border or dealing with the illegals already here. If it's already a federal crime to be here illegally, and the federal government just "catches and releases" everybody but violent criminals, why in the world is it such a shock that Arizona would make it a state crime?

Delph is getting the usual objections from the expected sources (his latest attempt, to punish businesses who hire illegals, was opposed by the Chamber of Commerce):

It's reactionary," said Felipe Vargas, of The Latino/a Youth Collective of Indiana and an instructor at Indiana University's School of Administration. "It points to our most vulnerable and is dangerous."

What do you mean, "our," Felipe? They aren't our anythin