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Opening Arguments

Fun with crops

That sound that keeps getting louder and louder is from the different drummer Indiana likes to march to. From Vincennes, we have:

A big crowd gathered to ring in the New Year by watching a glowing 550-pound steel and foam watermelon rise into the sky and drop real watermelons to the ground, delighting organizers of the unique event.

The inaugural New Year's Eve Watermelon Drop drew an estimated crowd of some 2,500 to the southwestern Indiana city's downtown, lining up around Patrick Henry Square for the midnight drop.

Then, afterwards, they all went to the gas station for a bottle of pop to take with them to the Post Office to take a look a the new stamps! Meanwhile, over in Delphi, the fire at the 10-story-high mountain of corn cobs is apparently out:

Randale said the fire departments had managed to get the pile down to a manageable size. He said several hoses had been left behind for The Andersons fire watch.

As of last count, Randale said at least 46 fire departments from 13 counties had assisted with the burn. After a final count is done, he expects the number to rise.

It took them a week to get the darn thing out. Goooolllllee! Maybe they should have set up the watermelon drop over the corn cob fire. That would have been something to write home about.

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Bob G.
Mon, 01/05/2009 - 4:02pm

I dunno, Leo...
Sounds just a titch better than homicides, robberies, DUIs, rapes and assorted illegal gunfire.

Yeah, I must be getting older...


(darn shame they couldn't claim all that expended HEAT ENERGY from that fire...coulda helped a heap o' folks here in the Summit City!)