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Opening Arguments

Funny peculiar

A bit of mystical, New Age, ersatz Eastern-religious, bubbleheaded crapola from -- surprise, surprise -- Bloomington:

A new club in Bloomington doesn't feature standup comedians or funny improv sketches, but the audience still roars with laughter.

At meetings of the Bloomington Laughter Club, folks gather to laugh for no reason.

Club founder Sulaiman Zai is a laughter yoga leader. He tells club members not to talk or tell jokes since the purpose of laughter yoga is to disengage the mind and laugh without reason.

 1. Laughing at something funny: a healthy sign that one isn't taking life too seriously and can appreciate subtle nuances of the human condition. 2. Laughing for no reason: insanity. It might "fool the body" into releasing tension, as this yoga leader says, but, heck, a good belch will do that.

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