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Opening Arguments

Garbage in, uniforms out

Going for that trashy look in Muncie:

Come spring, employees of the Muncie Sanitary District will wear uniforms made from the same recycled soda bottles they collect each week.

With a $5,000 grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the district will purchase 100-percent recycled jackets, T-shirts and polo shirts for its 140 employees.

[. . .]

Gordy said the clothing items that will be ordered are not expensive. The recycled T-shirts -- made from manufacturers' clothing scraps -- cost about $8 apiece when ordered in bulk.

The fleece jackets, made from recycled soda bottles, "are some of the warmest I've ever worn," she added. All of the clothing items will bear the MSD logo with a "100-percent recycled" logo on the sleeve.

Don't ask about the Soylent Green in the lunchroom, though.

Posted in: Hoosier lore


Bob G.
Sat, 02/09/2008 - 2:16pm

Shepherd's Pie...made from REAL shepherds!

(two or FOUR legged ones?)