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Opening Arguments

Get with the vision

It's the job of government to protect citizens and keep essential services going. It is the role of business to provide the jobs that pay the money from which taxes are taken to provide those services. A tidy and workable arrangement. But people in government aren't happy with their limited duties, so they keep wanting to change the rules. Mayor Charles Henderson of Greenwood, for example, recently held a meeting with "business professionals" to talk about "breathing new life" into downtown:

At his speech one year ago, Henderson outlined his vision to redevelop Old City Park on Meridian Street, south of Main Street, as the first phase of a multipronged approach to breathe new life into the historic Old Town business district.

On Tuesday, Henderson urged the gathering of business professionals to voice their desire for city officials to move forward on the long-term project.

"If we don't do anything, we're not going to get anything, and we're going to deteriorate even more in downtown," Henderson said.

"You have to show up at City Council meetings when these discussions take place," he added. "If you're there and get into the game, Greenwood will move forward."

So the mayor had "a vision," but it's been a whole year and nothing's happening with it, so these business people have to get with the program and start being cheerleaders for his vision -- get out there and "get into the game," darn it. Greenwood is the city, you'll recall from an earlier post, that hired a law firm to lobby for Greenwood's fair share of the $5 billion or so Indiana is expected to get from the nearly $1 trillion "stimul