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Opening Arguments

A good player, but no defense

What a classy guy:

DETROIT — Ron Artest, who was tagged as temperamental and volatile during his first few years in the NBA, wasn't apologetic and defended his actions in the November 2004 brawl at a Pistons game as he talked Wednesday to children at a community centre.

"Someone started trouble and I ended it," Artest told about 50 children gathered for a panel discussion on black empowerment at the Judge Mathis Community Center. "I would always encourage you to protect yourself but in certain situations, if you can avoid them, avoid them."

Artest goes on say he has no problem with John Green, the Pistons fan in the middle of the brawl: "He did something really stupid but a lot of people do stupid things. God forgives, so I'm forgiving too." Hope God has you on his list, too, Ron.

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Bob G.
Thu, 08/17/2006 - 5:03am

Leo...I KNOW you meant class-LESS...lol!

(overpaid, underworked so-called "athletes"...such good role models for young boys today...NOT!)