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Opening Arguments

At the governor's table

You just have to read a story with a headline as intriguing and hard-hitting as "Governor eats breakfast in Garrett." Alas, the story fails to deliver:

 Penny Molargik got more than breakfast at the Railroad Inn Wednesday morning.
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels made an unannounced stop at the Garrett restaurant before driving to Trine University in Angola to present a Sagamore of the Wabash award to its namesake, Ralph Trine.

[. . .]

Daniels said he was hoping for something other than his usual boring breakfast of oatmeal and ordered up a hearty breakfast from the menu.

The story goes on from there with a bunch of boring stuff about the economy and taxes and education and politics without answering the question uppermost in every reader's mind: What hearty breakfast does the governor have when he eschews (gesundheit!) oatmeal? (Do you eschew your oatmeal or just slurp it?) Bacon and eggs? Sausage and pancakes? A garbage omelet with hash browns?

I hate being teased.