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Opening Arguments

Green beer

If the global-warming movement weren't so dangerous, its periodic descent into self-parody would be somewhat amusing:

Feeling green after drinking alcohol has taken on a new meaning in Australia with a brewer launching a beer that it says helps fight global warming.

All the greenhouse gases produced through the life of a Cascade Green, from the picking of the hops to the empty bottle landing in the recycling bin, have been offset, the company said.

This is done by purchasing certified carbon offsets from the government-accredited Hobart Landfill Flare Facility, which captures and recycles gases, in Tasmania, where the Fosters-owned Cascade brewery is based.

Cascade Green's marketing manager Ben Summons said all of the carbon offset costs of the new beer will be absorbed by the company and will not be passed on to consumers.

The more you drink, the better off Mother Earth will be. Go on a bender and save the planet!

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Bob G.
Mon, 03/10/2008 - 12:46pm

Those wacky Aussies...
Has to be the SAME Australia that brought to our attention:

No guns for it's citizens.
People living underground.
Mad Max.

Screw that...give me Guinness, or give me death!

(stop making those cows fart)