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Opening Arguments

Growing pains

Fishers has seen an increase in property crime in the last few years, and since "it is unclear why," somebody has to explain it to befuddled residents:

Experts say changes in crime have little to do with the economy. Instead, they say Fishers' growth likely is a factor in the increase.

The town, one of the state's fastest-growing communities, has gained about 12,000 new residents since 2005. When the population grows, people can expect crime to increase, said Kevin Whiteacre, assistant professor of criminal justice and sociology at the University of Indianapolis.

"A lot of time crime is a function of the availability of things to steal," Whiteacre said, and when more people, more cars and more stores come to an area, that means there is more to steal.

Wow, when there is more stuff to steal, there will be more stuff stolen. Who knew? And, let's not forget, there are more people to steal it, too. Hey, guess I'm


Bob G.
Thu, 10/29/2009 - 9:25am

You oughta write a book, Leo...seriously.

Wonder what the "demographics" of those 12K residents WERE, hmm?
Some towns have the "luxury" of having received prisoners that have been moved to facilities near that town, and when they get out, GUESS where they wind up?
Short answer: IN that town!

(Williamsport, PA is a PRIME example with a deal cut by a former mayor of Philly with a prison 20 miles from that city...crime TRIPLED in less than 5 years)
Really...who knew?