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Opening Arguments

Gun bust

So you're sitting in a bar, sipping a beer and minding your own business. But here come the police to roust you anyway:

During the sweep, authorities also conducted bar checks at the Bank Lounge at 1078 Kenmore Blvd., where patrons were arrested on drug charges, and at the Boulevard Lounge at 995 Kenmore Blvd., where liquor violations were issued against the liquor permit holder and several patrons were charged with drug offenses, Edwards said.

During the citywide sweep, officers confiscated 5.2 grams of crack cocaine, one-tenth of a gram of powdered cocaine, 13.1 grams of marijuana, 9 Oxycodone pills and 19 Percocet pills, Edwards said.

This was one part of a massive Gun Violence Reduction Sweep in Akron that produced 72 arrests and one tiny embarrassment (at least I think they'd be embarrassed): "No guns were confiscated during the Friday-Saturday action, Edwards said."

(Via hit&run)


Bob G.
Wed, 04/23/2008 - 8:06am

After living in Ohio for a year (most interesting FIVE YEARS of my life), I can only say:
"ONLY in Ohio".