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Opening Arguments

Gun rules

The Supreme Court heard arguments in the McDonald case yesterday challenging Chicago's handgun ban. Early indications are that the ruling will be good news for Second Amendment supporters:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday seemed poised to require state and local governments to obey the Second Amendment guarantee of a personal right to a gun, but with perhaps considerable authority to regulate that right.

So local governments might not be able to outright forbid guns, but they could conceivably make it an incredible pain to get one registered and comply with all the rules and regulations, which some jurisdictions already do. Another reason to pay attention to local races.


Bob G.
Wed, 03/03/2010 - 1:36pm

Otis McDonald is the most recent inductee into my (personal) HERO list...!

The legislators dont REALLY go after the GUNS (per se)...all they have to do is go after the AMMUNITION..make THAT hard to come by.
It's already too damn expense (imho) and HTF in certain calibers.

Still, as long as the (apparent) ease of acquisition of guns remains in the hands of the criminals, rather than in law-abiding hands, (as has been evidenced on Fort Wayne streets the past two days) not all that much shall change, and certainly not for the better.