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Opening Arguments

He likes us!

By God, the money is just rolling in, isn't it? Indiana gets $4 million in federal stimulus funds to help clean up leaking underground gasoline storage tanks! Indiana is getting more than $9.5 million in stimulus money to help revitalize communities and create jobs! Four programs in northwest Indiana will get $1 million to promote productivity and workforce participation! Twenty-four arts groups in Indiana will get more than $500,000 to fund "essential staff positions"! The list just goes on and on, and let's not leave out the Great Lakes, either:

Federal officials will visit northern Indiana this week for a public meeting on President Barack Obama's plan to clean up the Great Lakes basin.

[. . .]

Obama has requested $475 million in his 2010 budget for projects ranging from cleaning up contaminated river bottoms to restoring wildlife habitat.

Isn't that remarkable? The man is saving the automobile industry and saving the banking industry and saving our health care and saving the whole planet from global warming, and yet he has time to come up with a plan to clean up the Great Lakes basin! All it takes is one man with a mission and the gumption to send the money from Washington. Shame, shame on all 43 presidents who came before him and did nothing while we suffered!