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Opening Arguments

He sees the light

Woo hoo. Republican Rep. Fred Upton co-sponsored the legislation leading to the ban of the incandescent light bulb. Now he says he has had a change of heart:

We have heard the grass roots loud and clear, and will have a hearing early next Congress," said Mr. Upton, a Michigan Republican who is facing several others in his party in a bid to earn the gavel of the powerful committee. "The last thing we wanted to do was infringe upon personal liberties - and this has been a good lesson that Congress does not always know best...."

Mr. Upton and other lawmakers - including the other three men seeking the chairmanship of the Energy and Commerce Committee - now say they've learned their lesson and want to unshackle consumers and restore their choice in light bulbs....

I was planning on stockpiling as many light bulbs as I could so I could put off using the stupid cfl bulbs as long as possible -- turned into a hoarder by the government morons. Maybe now I want have to. I can see clearly as I help destroy the planet.

I don't know how good I should feel about this guy, though. If he's truly seen his error, fine. But anybody who could come up with something so stupid in the first place undoubtedly has some real bonehead potential.


Thu, 12/09/2010 - 12:49am

We don't need incandescent bulbs anymore, not since two German entrepreneurs have come up with the greatest invention since the light bulb, the Heat Ball.


Larry Morris
Thu, 12/09/2010 - 12:55pm

I never cared one way or the other about which light bulb would be better for the environment - I think we have bigger fish to fry in that area. My issue with them - and this is personal experience - we tried the new cfl bulbs all over the house and found they lasted far less than conventional bulbs - and this is a new house, no old wiring here. And there are also huge issues with their disposal - if you've never looked it up, do so, you might be surprised what you're supposed to do if you break one. I'll stick with the old stand-bys, ...

Bob G.
Fri, 12/10/2010 - 10:16am

The CFLs are about as effective as ETHANOL fuel...think on that.
Heat ball...sounds like something aI could use for arthritis.

Larry's right, too.
At least when I break an incandescent bulb, I DON'T need a damn HAZMAT team and several pages of procedure to dispose of the shards!
ANd yes, I'm also stockpiling....
See 'ya at Menards...sooner or later.