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Opening Arguments

Hearts and minds

So sad. But once they've matured a little and started using their minds as well as their hearts, they'll come around:

Younger adults, who turned out in unprecedented numbers to help elect Barack Obama to the presidency, say liberalism helps define their generation, a poll found.

The survey by the Pew Research Center found that those aged 18 to 29 cited technology use, music/pop culture and liberalism/tolerance as the three top characteristics that most make them unique from other age groups.

The slant toward liberalism showed in their support of government -- 53 percent of them said government should do more to solve problems, compared with 45 percent of those aged 30-45, 43 percent of those aged 46-64, and 39 percent of those 65 and older.

People tend to be liberal when they're young and become more conservative as they get older -- it's the natural order of things. Perhaps I shouldn't, but I tend to distrust young conservatives as reflexive acolytes rather than sincere adherents who have thought their way through belief systems.

Government should do even more? Wait till they figure out that they're the ones who will end up paying the bill.