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Opening Arguments

Heat attack

The Greene County newspaper has a story about the local increase of handgun carry permits -- 894 so far this year, compared with 694 in 2008 and 628 in 2007. That is a lot of people "packing heat," as the story not-so-cleverly puts it. The police chief offers some speculation:

"One common thing that I've heard is that people are afraid with legislation there is a chance they are going to do way with the legislation (that allows guns to be carried). They are trying go ahead and get their permit now in fear that something my change later on."

Despite the general incoherence of the sentence (the chief's or the writer's?), the reasoning being atributed to the gun owners seems evident: They might not allow us to carry guns in the future, so I'll get my carry permit now.

Not sure I'm clear on that. It's one thing to fear that it might be more difficult to get a carry permit in the future. But if you think the whole thing is going to be illegal, what's the point of getting a permit now? If I think the state is going to ban possession of alcohol tomorrow, and I rush out to buy up all the beer and wine I can afford, all I've done is spend a lot of money to create an illegal stockpile.


Bob G.
Fri, 11/27/2009 - 12:37pm

...And when people see you trucking in all that hooch, don't think someone isn't thinking about relieving you of such an alcoholic burden...

Good POV, Leo.