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Opening Arguments

Hello, my pretty

Better sit down for this shocker:

LONELY hearts beware: looking for love at a speed-dating event may leave you feeling unlovable. In big groups, people judge on looks so much that the less stunning may as well forget their clever chat-up lines.

[. . .]

So why do humans seem to differ from other animals? In smaller groups, says Lenton, people trade off different qualities in prospective mates - physical attractiveness for intelligence, for example. Faced with too much choice, however, we resort to crude approaches such as choosing solely on looks.

So, good-looking people have a better chance of picking somebody up than ugly people? Who knew? Guess I'll quit working on my opening lines.

Posted in: Current Affairs


Bob G.
Thu, 11/13/2008 - 3:57pm

I could make a comment/analogy about flushed babboon butt cheeks and young males with saggy pants attracting the opposite sex...but I won't.

Good lookers really DON'T HAVE to "pick" others up...
THEY get picked up instead.

It's we lowly "average" people that have to fend for ourselves. Pickup lines not withstanding.
The hard part is trying to figure out who's LESS SHALLOW from what's left to choose from.
After all, everyone else is too busy looking at the good-lookers, right?