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Opening Arguments

Hey, you, drop that pump!

How can you not read a story with the headline "Police: man gets rowdy with bicycle pump"? The man in question, Brandon Greer, allegedly tore his and his roommate's room apart and socked the roommate on the chin, prompting the roommate to call police:

Police said they found Greer in a hotel hallway yelling and cursing with a bicycle air pump in his hand. When Greer noticed the police, he turned to enter his room while an officer told him to stop and drop the air pump, according to the report. He then allegedly then replied with an expletive and continued on to his room.

And here's the real shocker. Alcohol was involved, which police suspected because of his "slurred speech, unsteady balance and bloodshot eyes." This guy doesn't sound like the bike-riding type, so the pump is probably his roommate's. Heck of a story there, I bet.


Mon, 04/05/2010 - 7:08pm

I see this type of story about twice a year, I'd guess, and I'll bet you do too.
I enjoy taking a spin on a bicycle. I also enjoy a bit of Scotch.
But I discovered a long time ago that if I do them at the same time, I tend to fall down.
How many times does this have to happen to a man before he figures out the connection?
Friends don't let friends exercise drunk.

Lewis Allen
Mon, 04/05/2010 - 7:56pm

That's why I exercise on a stationary bike.