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Opening Arguments

Highs and lows

The Indianapolis Star looks back at the high and low points for Indiana's congressional delegation. This is the take on 3rd District Republican Rep. Mark Souder:

Highlight: His Fort Wayne-based district was a winner in the military base-closing process, gaining new Air Guard planes and more than 200 jobs.

Lowlight: His anti-meth legislation was stymied by the fight over renewal of the Patriot Act.
And this is what they say about Republican Mike Pence of the 6th District:
Highlight: His star rose in his first year heading a group of House conservatives, particularly after Congress endorsed a budget-cutting package.
Lowlight: House GOP leaders chewed him out for a well-covered news conference he organized to say Republicans weren't trying hard enough to cut spending.
Actually, the high and low point for Pence cover the same subject, and considering how his less-than-thrifty GOP leaders come out looking, if that's his "low point," way to go.


Mike Kole
Wed, 12/28/2005 - 3:34pm

Amen on Mike Pence. It says much about his party that Pence, the good fiscal conservative, tried to make good on their rhetoric and was smacked down for doing so. Hopefully, it makes those who voted Republican expecting smaller government think more carefully before casting their votes come November.