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Opening Arguments

Hit and focus

Bobby Knight could learn a thing or two from this coach about "focus, focus, focus."

A 7-year-old boy was injured about 6 p.m. Thursday when he rode a bicycle into the path of a car being driven by the Muskogee High School head football coach.

Chase Thornton sustained a broken collarbone, road rash on a leg and shoulder and a knot on his head, said Capt. Chad Farmer.

According to a Muskogee Regional Medical Center spokeswoman, Thornton was treated and released.

“The kid rode out between two cars, and apparently Coach (Matt) Hennesy didn't see him,” Farmer said.

After they were already at MRMC, Chase's family notified police, Farmer said.

Police were looking over state statutes Thursday evening and planned to submit the reports to the district attorney today.

“He (Hennesy) did stop. He did call a parent. He did get him medical treatment with a trainer,” Farmer said. “But he didn't call us.”

When contacted by the Phoenix, Hennesy's response was “I ought to be dealing with tomorrow night's game — not this crap.”