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Opening Arguments

Holden shrugged

A pretty balanced look at "Atlas Shrugged" on the occasion of its 50th anniversary:

There is much to commend, and much to condemn, in "Atlas Shrugged." Its object

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Wed, 03/07/2007 - 6:53am

Thanks for the link, Leo, and for the reminder of the 50tn anniversary of "Atlas Shrugged." The article is interesting, but fails, I think, to give the novel a fair or intersting treatment and, instead, criticizes it for matters that are not at all explicit or implicit within it, but drawn from Rand's other, lesser works (i.e. "The Virtue of Selfishness.") That strikes me as marginally fair to Rand but unfair to this classic work.

As an aside, I think Rand is responsible for one of the greatest literary insults/put downs of all time. In "The Fountainhead," the hero is pressed, at a chance meeting with his chief critic/antagonist, into a verbal altercation. The critic implores "Go ahead, tell me what you think of me." Rand's hero responds: "Think of you? Why I don't think of you at all."

tim zank
Thu, 03/08/2007 - 6:57am

"Think of you? Why I don't think of you at all." Is assuredly one of the best lines of all time...