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Opening Arguments

The hole truth

The 54-year-old Midwest RV Super Show and Rally in Goshen may become the latest victim of the reeling economy. The original dates in August have been canceled and the sponsors are said to be "still considering" trying to pull it off in September, but some of the dealers aren't so sure:

Dealerships that are struggling would probably not be helped by the event, said Gary Miller, owner of Wana RV Center in Shipshewana.

Although sales are made, RV shows usually provide dealers will long-term leads that eventually turn into sales, he said, noting customers have walked into his showroom and bought a unit two years after they attended the Midwest show. Consequently a dealer worried about next week's bills will not care about delayed returns.

That is how people tend to think in a recession -- we have to worry about now, not the future -- and it probably contributes to how long and deep a downturn is. Come to think of it, though, people don't think very far ahead in the good times, either; why worry about saving for two years away when we're having such a good time now? It's like the guy's answer in the old joke about why he never fixes the hole in the roof: Well, I can't go up there and fix it when it's raining. And when it's not raining, the hole doesn't bother me.

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