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Opening Arguments

Holy cat!

That Jesus guy sure gets around:

A small kitten is being called a holy cat, or a feline with Jesus on her side -- literally.

Ten weeks ago, the Johnson family rescued two kittens after their mother abandoned them outside of their house in Goshen.

Recently Lori Johnson's husband was petting the female kitten, Sissy, when he noticed markings on her fur that look like Jesus.

There's a blurry pciture with the story, and if you squint real hard if kind of looks like a guy with a beard and long hair. I don't think it's really Jesus, though. Last I heard, he w

Posted in: Hoosier lore


Bob G.
Wed, 07/30/2008 - 10:13am

Looks more like Neil Young (to me).

Aw, geez...PLEASE tell me HE'S NOT God!


(...they're goin' to O-HI-O)