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Opening Arguments


We're a little slow in Indiana. Lake Superior State University put the annoying "staycation" on its list of banished words last year, but we're just starting to savor its use here. Folks at the Indiana Dunes report that the phenomenon helped boost visitors to 1.1. million last year, a 64 percent increase over 2005. Not to be outdone, the Richmond Palladium-Item suggests that Wayne County can attract nearby residents as visitors by providing a "hook":

Any partial list surely must include the region's recreational opportunities, notably with such attractions as Brookville and Whitewater lakes, or Hueston Woods, or the Whitewater River Gorge through Richmond, to name a few.

Yeah, think we should all go to Wayne County to see a lake and a bunch of trees. If any of you staycationers want to come and spend some money in my neighborhood, we've got a Wendy's with a real drive-thru, a bar that changes names every couple of years, and a service station where you can get a bottle of pop and watch men in dirty uniforms rotate tires.


Bob G.
Tue, 04/20/2010 - 9:12am

I know that Wendy's well...
Never screwed up an order yet for me.
(that's gotta mean something)

But, if you (or anyone else seeking "diversion") want to see some REALLY "interesting" stuff (AND people)...
(...you know the rest...lol)