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Opening Arguments

The Hoosier Boatman?

After 177 years of arguments about it, there is still a great dispute over the origin of the term "Hoosier." Now, a Hanover College English instructor -- and a Shakespeare scholar, no less -- takes a stab at it:

Smith found an editorial in an 1833 Cincinnati newspaper in which the word "Hooshier" was used to describe the "now extinct class of mortals called the Ohio Boatman

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Bob G.
Wed, 01/30/2008 - 11:59am

Or what about the barfight that ended in a person having his ear cut off.
When someone asked WHO'S EAR (is that?), I'm sure another person said it belonged to some guy from Indiana...!
(probably a boatman)

Is "Hoosier Daddy" an affectation?
(on the southside, it's actually a QUESTION)
But being called a Hoosier IS better than being called a BUCKEYE!


(call me neither)