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Opening Arguments

Hoosier stuff

A bunch of Indiana stuff you may have missed and be interested in. Or not.

  • Everybody's freaked out over the study showing that Indiana teens who took driver's ed had nearly four times the crashes of those who didn't take the classes. But driver's ed teens get their permits at a younger age and hold them six months longer. Let's factor that out before getting too worked up.
  • There's a proposal to allow beer sales at the Evansville Zoo that's getting the "hell in a handbasket" vs. "you old fuddy-duddies" debate going. My favorite from the more than 150 comments posted: "I'm kind of split on this. I'm a beer drinker. The St. Louis Zoo does have beer and I have yet to see any problems there. Heck, you can even drink at Disney World. BUT, this is Evansville and we have a large number of people here who just can't drink a couple and keep it under control. I'll point to Chuck E Cheese as an example. Since they started serving beer there you can count on drunk trash sitting by while their kids run wild and bother others."
  • Democratic U.S. Rep. Joe Donnelly on the campaign trail: Nancy who? Harry who? Barack who? Never heard of 'em. That even beats out Brad "I'm just a simple country sheriff" Ellsworth for brass.
  • A Kansas minister died in a car crash after giving a guest sermon at a church in Posey County. Whenever I read about traffic fatalities, I always wonder where the person was going to or coming from, but the stories usually don't say.
  • Indiana lawmakers and criminal justice officials are discussing whether "sexting" among teens should be made a juvenile offense. If I understand the situation correctly, this would be lightening up on teens, not cracking down on them. In the absence of such a law, teens could find themselves in the "distributing child porn" arena and on a sex-offender registry.
  • When does a tax break to lure a high-tech company amount to corporate welfare? When you don't pay attention or hold the company accountable, letting it take your money, essentially create no new jobs and then move its corporate headquarters out of state.
  • And finally, drat. (Haven't you always wanted to say that, "And finally, drat"?) I missed both the visit by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio at GOP fundraisers in Sullivan and Corydon and Vice President Joe Biden's VFW convention speech in Indy. Now how will I know what either of them think about things?
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