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Opening Arguments

Hoosier tea

The Tea Parties aren't always about the federal government's spending habits, as the one in South Bend this week illustrates:

Ron Hosinski was among the crowd, holding his sign high as tension spread and tempers flared.

"You don't spend more than you take in," said Hosinki. "I don't care if you are a family, a government, a mayor, a governor or president. You don't spend more than you make."

Hosinski and the mass of activists are concerned about issues nationally, but also government spending and taxes at the local level, including the proposed local option income tax (LOIT).

"The problem that we see with the St. Joseph County Council is when they run out of money, they add another tax to the people of St. Joseph County," said J. Kata, spokesperson for the Tea Party.

Local governments are complaining now about all the budget shortfalls they're having to endure, blamed on the recession and/or state policies. Nobody believes they will ever learn the right lesson after the crisis has passed: Scale back, do less.