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Opening Arguments

Hot flashes

Tomorrow night, the Biography Channel (which really should probably be called the Celebrity Channel, for the same reason that "The Antiques Road Show" should probably be called "The Collectibles Road Show"), will feature the mother-daughter duo The Judds. The Judds are very special to me, because I finally had to admit I had turned the age corner when they burst upon the scene and I realized I had the hots for the mother rather than the daughter.

I have a friend who puts the corner-turning this way: "First you read the engagements in the paper, and you know at least a couple of them. Then you read the weddings. Then you read the 50th-anniversary announcements. Then you read the obits and dread the day when you know a couple of them." I don't know where it puts me on the continuum, but I find myself checking out this site frequently.

"Having the hots" for somebody, it occurs to me, isn't a phrase I would feel comfortable using on the editorial page. But it resides in my early memories, making me, if not an antique, at least a collectible.