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Opening Arguments

A House needs a good wall

The Indiana Chamber has released its legislative analysis (pdf file) of the last session of the General Assembly, and the news isn't very good from its perspective:

While some positive legislation was painstakingly guided to success, too many pro-economy, pro-jobs bills derailed due to frequent partisan politics, shortsightedness and too many anti-business legislators.

Too often things hit a wall in the House of Representatives. Most notably, the lottery lease proposal and the Indiana Commerce Connector and Illiana Expressway plans.

Overall, this Legislature wasted far too much time on bad legislation. From dramatically increasing environmental permit fees, to raising business taxes, to many other poorlyconceived proposals. Meanwhile, initiatives to advance Indiana were put on the backburner.

Some of the things the Chamber backs seem good, some bad (the lottery plan is especially debatable), but we should pay attention to its overall ratings if we're serious about creating a business-friendly environment.

Which legislators from this area do you think have the best and worst pro-business scores? I won't tell you their names, but the scores are 96 percent and 38 percent. Oh, all right. The winner is Randy Borror. Tied for the lower score are Win Moses and Phil GiaQuinta. House Speaker Pat Bauer voted the pro-business agenda a stunning 14 percent of the time, just in case you expect any economic growth from his agenda.


Bob G.
Fri, 06/22/2007 - 8:20am

Wow...PARTISAN POLITICS.....never thought things would come down to THAT now, did we?