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Opening Arguments

Howard's end

It's nice to know Howard Dean still has left in him one of those primal-scream moments that sealed his doom as a presidential candidate:

Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said that either Hillary Rodham Clinton or Barack Obama needed to quit the presidential race in June in order for Democrats to win the White House in November.


Sorry, Howard, I don't think they're listening to you, and there's really no reason they should. Obama is the favorite, so he won't quit. If he wins, he will have become a much better candidate for weathering all the controversies and becoming seen as a real person instead of a glib elitist. If Clinton wins, it will be from keeping her head down and fighting and never quitting. You want a tough president?

Republicans, many of them wondering how in the world they ended up with John McCain as their candidate, would have been better off if they'd voted in such a way that their primary went on a little longer. There's a lot they could have learned about their potential nominees that they never got around to.