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Opening Arguments

Howdy, neighbors

Probably not what the child-care specialists mean when they say fathers ought to spend time doing things with their sons:

A father and son have been found guilty of molesting a young girl in Jackson County.

In January, Richard Hobbs, 60, of Brownstown and Timothy Hobbs,41, of Medora were charged by Richard Poynter, Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson. The two cases involved the serial child molestation of the same female victim who was under the age of fourteen at the time of the report in January.

And since we're on the subject of Hoosier malefactors, here are, hands down, the criminal geniuses of the week:

Officers say they spotted Thomas Burch and Ashley Sermershein, both 22, walking away from the store and carrying a black nylon bag.

The bag, police say, contained a BB gun, metal cutters, and several cans of Natural Ice beer.

Police say Thomas was planning on robbing the Huck's gas station, but was talked out of it by Sermershein. They say he decided to break into the Buy Low cash register instead.

Police say Burch got inside the Buy Low from the roof, but could only get to the soft drink storage area.

Metal cutters and beer - that's what you call planning! We can only imagine the conversation of this low-rent Bonnie & Clyde:

"Honey, let's us rob the gas station."

"Heck, no, Sweetums, ain't no money there, and we might get caught. Let's go for the Buy Low."

"Okey dokey. Don't forget the beer, 'K?"

Make a great opening for a Quentin Tarantino movie, wouldn't it?


Bob G.
Thu, 07/09/2009 - 10:24am

Ranks right up there with the perps that knock over a 7-11 or some other such store's cash till, and on the way out, grab a couple packs of ciggies...
("Make sure they're the FSC ones, doll...we wouldn't want to burn the trailer down when we nod out.")