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Opening Arguments


Didn't I just write recently that I agreed with the person who said "just go ahead and shoot me" if the presidential race ended up being between Huckabee and Edwards? I don't think we're there yet, despite Huckabee's convincing win in Iowa and Edwards' narrow dispatch of Clinton to third place. I listened to a bunch of pundits on a number of networks and cable channels, and they were all trying to sound expert when the truth is that the situation is in such flux that nobody should be in the predictin' bidness these days. But here's one I like, even if it amounts to wishful thinking, from one of the commenters at the Vodkapundit blog:

Iowa did the one thing we needed done, cleanse the party of that pandering nincompoop Romney. Mittens' Clinton-lite lying and flip-flopping would have gotten us killed in November. Huckabee did the job for the party and McCain will finish him off in NH. After that, it will be down to Fred as the only conservative left in the race.

Fortunately for us, Fred was the right guy all along.

In the post being commented on, Vodkapundit's Stephen Green pins down Huckabee with an apt comparison to Jimmy Carter: "Same moral pretentiousness, same gullibility on foreign affairs, only-slightly-less toothy idiot's grin."


A J Bogle
Sun, 01/06/2008 - 12:46am

Wow - a republican Chimma Carter! I thought he was more like Bill Clinton without the philandering, although he is a republican and you never know these days.

But boy I might just have to vote for this guy. of all the R's on the NH debate tonight Huckabee clearly sounded the most presidential.

A J Bogle
Sun, 01/06/2008 - 12:46am

"Fortunately for us, Fred was the right guy all along"

You've got to be kidding - this guy is a real snore

Bob G.
Mon, 01/07/2008 - 11:11am